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Build a Versatile Altoid Tin Amplifier [Electronics/DIY]

You’ll find no shortage of Altoid tin projects (and certainly no shortage of Altoid amps), but this compact design functions as both a well-designed speaker and guitar amp.

Dino Segovis, the guy behind Hack-A-Week TV, shares an awesome video on how to build an Arduino-based 1/2 watt amplifier that amplifies both your speakers and your guitar (with neat distortion effects). Check out the video above to see him explain the circuit, build one, and the demo it.

LM386 Audio Amplifier [YouTube via Hack-A-Day]

Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek. When he's not documenting mods and hacks he's doing his best to make sure a generation of college students graduate knowing they should put their pants on one leg at a time and go on to greatness, just like Bruce Dickinson. You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 05/11/11

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  1. wil broese

    Have spent 6 days to install the flash player plugin.
    No luck.
    Now I cant use your video clips.
    Sorry for your effort!


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