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Google Chat and AIM Fully Integrate; No More Dual Logins

Logging into both Google Chat and AIM is about to become a thing of the past; the two services are integrating in such a way that you can log in once and enjoy chat sessions with friends on both sides of the IM fence.

Four years ago Google and AOL started working together to bridge the gap between Google Talk users and AIM users. After that work you could log into AIM from the GTalk client. Things sort of stuck at that point however and further integration didn’t appear forth coming. Starting a few days ago and progressive over the first part of this week Google Talk and AIM are further integrating and Google Talk and AIM users will be able to natively chat with each other–no extra logins or hoop jumping required.

You can read more about it at the link below.

Changes to AIM Integration within Google Chat [AOL via Google Operating System]

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  • Published 05/9/11

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  1. Steve

    I’ll just stick to pidgin, thank you very much

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