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Jello, Ornament, and Bullet Mashups Create High-Speed Art [Photos]

We don’t know about you but we’re absolute suckers for high-speed photography. This gallery combines novel things (Jello filled ornaments shot up with air guns, for example) with beautiful high-speed captures.

Alan Sailer is continuing a long tradition of photographing things exploding using high-speed photography rigs. His primary subjects are extremely fragile thing, such as Christmas ornaments, filled with Jello.

The Jello filling holds the fragile outer shell together for a fraction of a second longer and the Jello itself really shows off the transfer of force from the air gun bullet to the object being fired upon. It’s, in a very destructive way, quite beautiful.

Hit up the link below to view Sailer’s gallery.

Alan Sailer’s High-Speed Photography [Flickr via Make]

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  • Published 05/5/11

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