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The Ubuntu Alien Conspiracy [Wallpaper]

ubuntu an alien? [DesktopNexus]

Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/29/11

Comments (10)

  1. penywyse

    lol nice!
    The truth is out there… start using Ubuntu!

  2. AsianAngel

    @penywyse – Agreed! ^_^

  3. Will

    1.Needs much better GPU drivers.
    2.This is dependent on #1,improved Flash performance.
    3.Netflix support.
    4.Steam support.

    If that happens I’ll be more than happy to erase my Windows partition.
    Switching back and forth between the two is a pain and I spend more time in windows unfortunately.

  4. Col

    It is only a wallpaper, you must be running windose if you need all that other stuff to view a wallpaper.

  5. Will

    @Col,I’m talking about my requirements for using Ubuntu full time….

  6. trm96

    @ Will
    1.Needs much better GPU drivers. (I agree but first-party drivers should be better so we don’t have to rely on open source drivers)
    2.This is dependent on #1,improved Flash performance. (Does not need a separate number)
    3.Netflix support. (Contact Netflix and tell them to support it)
    4.Steam support.(See number 3.)

    “Switching back and forth between the two is a pain” Not really…

    P.S. Use Fedora rather than Ubuntu

  7. Col

    The article was about a wallpaper, not which games run in Ubuntu.

  8. Khalid

    This is a superb graphics. Ubuntu has been my first choice for some years now for both work and home.

    But something that beats me is how the artist made this graphic. Actually I’d like to know what software the artist used. Any tips would be great. I’m already with Gimp and InkScape.


  9. AsianAngel

    @Khalid – I am not certain which programs were used to create this wallpaper, but like you I think it turned out wonderfully. ^_^

  10. HellScream

    another COOL wallpaper for my ubuntu, thanks!

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