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DIY PSU Powers a Lightweight Home Server

If you’re trying to cut down on the power your home server is sucking down, this DIY power supply unit coupled with a low-power motherboard can bring your server power consumption down to netbook levels.

Over at the computing DIY blog Karaosium they have a tutorial on how to build your own power supply. They opted to build their own in order to match an a lightweight supply to their nettop-type motherboard and low power consumption needs. Hit up the link below to read more about their motivation behind the build and download the schematics to build your own.

Home Server Power Supply [Karosium via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 03/24/11

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    I bet my webserver uses less power than yours! It runs on 6 – 9v dc and I built it myself but it comes as a kit from jaycar electronics (Web Server in a box).
    Nice build though. I might try something similar for a backup home server when Azure goes RTM, just for kicks.

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