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DIY Hard Drive Dock Is a Lightweight and Speedy Docking Alternative

If you’ve been dissapointed with the performance of commercially available hard drive docks (and more than a few people have) this spartan DIY solution removes the bottlenecks most commercial docks are crippled by.

Marc Bevand shares a DIY solution for a situation he’d had enough of, hard drive docking stations that were unreliable and limited in transfer speed by cable limitations and crappy chip design. He designed a tiny coin sized SATA power module that runs off a 12v wall adapter and an SATA power cable. The voltage is stepped down, via his lilliputian power module to 5v. The entire build cost him $9 and was a huge step forward in removing variables from his drive docking and diagnosis procedure.

Hit up the link below to see additional photos, his parts list, and instructions.

DIY Coin-sized SATA Power Module to Replace a Harddrive Docking Station [Zorinaq via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 03/21/11

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