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Cool Cleaner for Android Makes Cache and History Wiping a Snap

Cool Cleaner for Android is a free application that consolidates the process of clearing the varies caches and histories on your Android dead-simple wiping.

If you frequently clear the cache and history files for applications on your phone, Cool Cleaner will save you a ton of time. Rather than navigating to various applications and sub-menus to clear out the cache and the history, Cool Cleaner acts as a dashboard for all your apps. From the History and Cache tabs in the app you can wipe everything from your outgoing call log to your Market search history and more. If the app has a history file or cache you can wipe it from Cool Cleaner–including non-stock apps like Facebook, TweetDeck, game apps, etc.

Cool Cleaner is a free ad-supported application. Hit up the link below to read more and grab a copy.

Cool Cleaner [Android Market via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 03/14/11

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