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Dirt Cheap DSLR Viewfinder Improves Outdoor DSLR LCD Visibility

If the excitement you felt about having a DSLR capable of shooting video wore off the second you took it outside and realized you needed an expensive add-on viewfinder to use it in sunlight, this cheap DIY viewfinder is for you.

The digital video capabilities of new DSLR cameras are amazing and changing the way people interact with movie production. What’s not awesome, however, is how the LCD screen gets completely washed out in bright conditions and you almost always have to buy a $50+ aftermarket accessory to make the LCD functional under those conditions.

Courtesty of the Frugal Film Maker we have the following video tutorial showing us how to turn a plastic container, a cheap dollar-store magnifying glass, a headphone ear cover, and some glue and hair ties into a dirt cheap LCD viewfinder. You’ll never have to squint or miss a shot because of bright lighting conditions again–even better yet, you’ll only spend a few bucks for the whole project.

For step by step instructions in print form, hit up the link below.

Homemade DSLR Viewfinder [Instructables via Make]

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  • Published 03/10/11

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