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N64oid Brings N64 Emulation to Android Devices

Craving some Ocarina of Time adventures, Super Mario 64 antics, or some Star Fox 64 flying on your Android device? N64oid brings retro emulation of Nintendo’s popular N64 console to Android devices.

N64oid is an N64 console emulator for Android devices. You’ll need a copy of the $5.99 emulator, ROMs (from the usual sources, unless you’ve got a ROM ripping setup in your basement and a stack of old cartridges), and a suitably speedy Android device. Older Android devices will find the playback choppy and subpar, but newer and speedier devices like the Nexus-One and Samsung Galaxy should have no problem handling the emulator.

Like all emulators N64oid is a work in progress and emulating an entire closed-system console on a totally different set of hardware is never a perfect 1:1 emulation, but if you’re a die hard fan of classic N64 titles (check out this list of top ranked titles to inspire some nostalgia) N64oid is worth the price of a burger for sure.

N64oid [Android Market via Download Squad]

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  • Published 03/4/11

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  1. navjot

    The Nexus One is considered new? Its over a year old and in Android terms thats ancient.

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