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Hack a $10 Flashlight into an Ultra-bright Premium One

If you’re looking for a bright flashlight without paying an arm and a leg this simple hack modifies a cheap $10 flashlight to be as bright as a $95 one.

Sure, when you buy a premium flashlight you’re paying extra for a nicely machined body, water tight seals, and other features. What if you just want a really bright flashlight? Watch the following video to see how you can hack apart a cheap Eveready flashlight to be as bright as premium $95 police flashlight. You’ll still have the old plastic body and bezel but with a radically brighter bulb.

$10 Police Flashlight Hack! [YouTube]

Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek. When he's not documenting mods and hacks he's doing his best to make sure a generation of college students graduate knowing they should put their pants on one leg at a time and go on to greatness, just like Bruce Dickinson. You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 02/2/11

Comments (12)

  1. Hatryst

    Hooraay for KipKay !! :D

  2. jon_hill987

    LED torches are where it is at. Just as bright, better colour and the batteries last about 10 times as long.
    You could get some LEDs in Radioshack/Maplin and cram them into an Eveready if you wanted as well.

  3. miki

    he find the hot water…not overvolt a common lamp!

  4. Foobar

    Nice. Love a good Hack! Lots of em here.

  5. knight57

    Or you can go to Lowe’s and buy a really bright LED flashlight for about $4.00

  6. Tom

    When the ridges are gone you could turn it into a fleshlight :-p, you’ll need a sheeps stomach for the inside though.

  7. Tom 2

    You are over-volting the lamp. It will be super bright for about a minute. 6V lamp with 9V power source.

  8. zepe

    Why go though the bother of all that for a light with a plastic housing when you can buy a Nebo by Redline for about $25.00 including shipping on Amazon. It’s in an anodized aluminum housing, is only about 4.5″ x 1.25″ and really projects it’s beam out there. It’s the best little flash light I’ve ever seen and it uses 3 standard AAA batteries. Check it out.

  9. Kevalin

    I agree with Knight57-for 10 bucks, that flashlight better already BE super-bright!

  10. ProstheticHead

    @Tom, That’s just plain wrong. Funny. But wrong nonetheless…

  11. Jeff

    Thanks, but I’ll stick to my SUREFIRE Kroma.

  12. CD Hanks

    Costco is currently selling a TechLite Lumen Master lite in a 3 pack for $20 – these little suckers are in aluminum casing and are the brightest flashlites I have ever seen, all with a single LED. I’ll bet it is brighter than your $95 job .

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