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Heatmapper Charts Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If you’re trying to get a bead on the weak spots in your office or home’s Wi-Fi coverage, free Windows application Heatmapper makes short work of generating a heatmap of signal strength for your location.

By default the application generates the map over a simple grid. To make the app radically more useful you can swap out the grid for a blueprint of the building you’re mapping. If you’ve got a copy to scan that’s great but all you really need is a simple outline of the rooms slapped together in Paint to get the job done.

Fire up the app on a laptop, walking around the area you’re mapping (clicking on the virtual map to take measurements) and when you’re done you’ll have a detailed map of the Wi-Fi strength across your location. Armed with that info you’ll know where you need to tweak your wireless network with the addition of better gear or increased output.

Heatmapper is a free application and requires a basic email signup to download.

Heatmapper [via GHacks]

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  • Published 01/18/11

Comments (4)

  1. Hatryst

    This must be developed for smartphones as well. Its hard to carry around a laptop for a long time :)

  2. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @Hatryst: So true. It’d be awesome if you could integrate it with the GPS too so you could cut down on the amount of clicking and navigating you had to do on the little screen. I know the GPS in my phone is sensitive enough it will show me which side of my house I’m on.

  3. JohnRobertM

    I’m installing this on my netbook tonight. I’m the IT guy for a wholesale greenhouse that covers close to 20 acres. This tool would be very helpful! Could you use a Google Earth screenshot?

  4. Andy

    Great tool!!

    Thank You VERY Much,

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