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Pulse Is a Sleek Newsreader for iOS and Android Devices

If you’re looking for a newsreader with a big eye-candy and wow factor rolled with high usability, Pulse is one of the sexiest readers around.

Pulse takes all your RSS subscriptions and turns them into a story board of images. Leveraging the touchscreen interface of iOS and Android devices to its advantage you can simply swipe your way through interesting feeds, tap on the pictures to get a closer look, and enjoy your news in new way.

Check out the video below to see it in action on the iPad.

On a personal note: I’ve spent the last few years as part of my work in blogging staring at very utilitarian newsreaders. Although they all got the job done there was never one that was so sleek and cool looking I could show my wife and yell “Look! This is amazing!” and have her want to read all her news using it. Pulse is that kind of app. Visit the link below to grab a copy for your iOS or Android device.


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  • Published 01/14/11

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