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Add Falling Snow to Webpages with the Snowfall Extension for Opera [Browser Fun]

Do you enjoy watching snow fall through the air? Whether you enjoy the snow where you live or just want to bring a touch of snow to your warm climate, the Snowfall extension will add a gentle touch of fun to your browsing experience.

Once the extension is installed, you are ready to make it snow. Just click on the new toolbar button and within moments you can enoy watching those snowflakes as they lazily float down. Keep in mind that any webpages open before installing the extension will need to be refreshed. To stop the snowfall simply refresh the webpage.

Note: You will occasionally encounter a webpage where snowflakes do not appear (How-To Geek is one that the extension did not work on during our tests).

Snowfall [Opera Extensions]

Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 12/27/10

Comments (8)

  1. Ja

    Chrome has one too!

  2. pitman

    And Firefox ?

  3. Martik

    I love opera. Previously I was a firefox user for about 2 years, but when i see opera, i make it my default browser.

  4. John

    Opera every time

  5. edmenje

    This is an example of the useless and unnecessary contra-functionality types of extensions that are sure to continue to be made by (and I use the term loosely) developers and make me question Opera’s bending to the will of, and attempting to lure the Firefox crowd. To make such a drastic change in what has been, since it’s inception, the best browser on the market, to me is a mistake. If this is a harbinger of things to come I think that the Opera team will look back on this as their “Why the !@#$ did we do that?” moment. As a very long term fan and user I just shake my head when I see what is beginning to happen and wonder where can I go next after the extensions hit the fan?

  6. AsianAngel

    @pitman – Check your e-mail…I found a nice falling snow user script for you. ^_^

  7. pitman

    Happy New Year to All, and Thank you Angel of the Asian kind for that tip.
    May whatever you believe in bless you all.

  8. AsianAngel

    @pitman – You are very welcome. ^_^ Enjoy the snow!

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