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Automatically Keep Up With the Latest Releases from Mozilla Labs in Firefox 4.0

Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest features and experiments from Mozilla Labs? Now you can have them automatically added to your browser with the Mozilla Labs: Lab Kit extension for Firefox.

You can see the six lab features that will added in the screenshot above…definitely a nice group to try out and have fun with.

Keep in mind that if you did not have any of the Lab features installed, then you will need to do a restart to complete the installation for two of the six extensions added.

Note 1: The Mozilla Labs: Lab Kit extension works with Firefox 4.0-b6 through 4.0-b9.

Note 2: If you are currently using Firefox 4.0 beta 8 then the Contacts 0.4.1 extension will be disabled due to version incompatibility (4.0 beta 7 is shown in our screenshot).

Mozilla Labs: Lab Kit [Mozilla Add-ons]

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  • Published 12/27/10

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