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Hide Extension Buttons in Chromium Nightly and Chrome Canary Builds

Have all of those extension buttons sitting in your toolbar been making you feel frustrated? If you are running a nightly build of Chromium or a Chrome Canary build then you can easily hide those buttons now.

To hide a button just right click on it and select Hide button in the Context Menu. If you decide that you want the button to show again, then go to the chrome://extensions page and click on the Show button link for that extension.

[via DownloadSquad]

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  • Published 11/29/10

Comments (5)

  1. navjot

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this for this little feature for so long :D

  2. Paddy

    Do you have any idea if this feature is also available using chromium mac ? Cause I just upgraded to the latest version and I have no “hide” button…

  3. AsianAngel

    @Paddy – They may not have it worked out for Mac yet…seems like they run behind on Mac versus the other two platforms. :( :( I do know that the Windows and Linux versions have the feature active but am surprised to hear that Macs do not. :( :(

  4. Paddy

    Well, for the moment the best workaround I found is to resize the extension buttons area to hide useless ones… not too painful though but I’ll be waiting for this little improvement impatiently :)

  5. Daniel Cruver

    Windows users got it in the stable release of 10 but Mac users will have to wait until release 11.

    If you really want it possibly the dev version might have it but those aren’t as reliable as the stable version.

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