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Google Apps Customers Now Have Access to Full Set of Google Services

Have you been patiently waiting to access the full range of Google services in your Google Apps account? Your wait is finally over! Today Google announced the availability of the same services available to regular Google accounts users for Google Apps.

From the blog post: We’ve steadily added new functionality to Google Apps and recently added support for third-party apps, but we’re thrilled to swing the floodgates of new functionality wide open now. Starting today, customers worldwide can access a full spectrum of services from Google—including more than 60 productivity-boosting applications that extend far beyond any traditional software suite.

Existing customers can transition at their own pace over the next couple months to the new infrastructure supporting these applications from the administrative control panel. New customers will automatically have the new infrastructure.

Here is the video that accompanied the announcement. It does a very nice job of explaining how the rollout can be done by Google Apps administrators (i.e. pick and select desired services, etc.).

Ten times more applications for Google Apps customers [via Lifehacker]

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  • Published 11/18/10

Comments (3)

  1. Ramani Nagarajan

    Hi, I have a domain name ( registered with a service provider “1and1”. Is it possible for me to shift the domain name management and email services to google?
    thanks, Ramani

  2. terry massey

    can you recomend a software programme i could run with windows media player that could provide a better equalizer than the windows one,and also
    provide bass treble maybe effects? in fact,if possible,anything that would improve the sound especially recording levels.i am worried about who
    is safe and who isnt having allready been done in proper with a virus.cheers anyway.

  3. AsianAngel

    @terry massey – The best place to find recommendations for what you need would be to post your question to our forums. ^_^ We have a lot of wonderful people who visit the forums and can share with you. ^_^

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