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Fun Social Networks School Class Photo [Image]

deviantART member darkywarky has created a fun image with popular internet social networks portrayed as students in a class photo.

From deviantART: Twitter looks like a sweet little girl but once you get her to talk, she won’t stop. DeviantART is a loud, colorful, and artsy girl. She’s just a green version of Tumblr if you want the short version of it, just more of a weeaboo. Livejournal is a classy kind of girl who likes writing. She’s also a part of the newspaper club. Facebook is the class rep. Popular guy who’s handy at almost everything. Myspace was once the king of the campus. But after awhile, he got boring so everybody ditched him for Facebook. He misses the attention so he’s always trying to one up Facebook. He even got a makeover recently too. He has permanent eye bags because he tries too hard. Youtube is a charismatic guy who’s a born entertainer. And last but not least, Blogger. He’s a little nerdy but an easygoing fellow. Nobody really notices him though.

Is this how you would see them or do you think they would look different based on your perception of each network?

internet: social networking class [via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Published 11/18/10

Comments (9)

  1. Hatryst

    There’s nothing better than Twitter !! ;)

  2. AsianAngel

    @Hatryst – LiveJournal and Twitter are my favourites. ^_^

  3. Will

    Long live My __________!!!

  4. omer

    i’m a blogger!!! :)

  5. Camilo Martin

    If they were people, I’d pick dA! :)

    Well, I actually did pick a dA kind of girl >_>

  6. Rick

    What’s a social network? I’m too anti social. My Star Wars toys in my parents basement are all the friends I need.

  7. Surya

    @Rick: Please troll someone else’s website. Even more easy: troll your own.

  8. Kenneth

    It’s good to know that people see things far way better. :-)

  9. daringjoe

    Captain Facebook Spock! 8)

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