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Access Serious Online Spreadsheet Power with Zoho Sheet 2.0

Zoho’s online spreadsheet app has been updated to version 2.0 and now packs some serious “cell count” punch.

Sheet 2.0 now has support for 1 million cells per workbook (65,536 rows & 256 columns). In comparison, Google’s spreadsheet app only supports 400,000 cells (maximum of 256 columns per sheet). That is quite a difference!

Using Google Chrome or Safari? Zoho Sheet supports these browsers too.

Spreadsheet cloud nirvana: Zoho supports 1 million cells, handily tops Google Apps [ZDNet]

Want to see what Zoho’s spreadsheet app is like for yourself? Just visit the link below to view/download sample spreadsheets or upload your own to test Sheet 2.0 out.

Zoho Sheet 2.0 – Large Spreadsheets

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  • Published 08/31/10

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