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Work With MS Office Documents Efficiently With Office Live Workspace

Microsoft has actually come up with some impressive stuff with their Live services.  One of the newer features still in Beta but open to anyone is Office Live Workspace.  The purpose of Office Live Workspace is to allow more efficient access and use of documents both for yourself and other team members. 

Instead of having to email attachments or store data on easily to lose flash drives, all of your documents can now be stored and worked on from a central and secure location.  As a quick look at Office Live Workspace we will go through saving a document to a site.

The first thing you will need to do is add the Microsoft Office Live Add-in Version 2.1 after installing it a system reboot is required.


Now let’s see how Office Live works.  For this demonstration I am using a Word 2007 document and I want to share this with myself to work on from home.  Click on the Office Button and go to Save to Office Live.  If you are not signed in already you will be prompted to.



A .NET passport screen will pop up for you to sign in.


After signing in you will see Documents where the sign in button was.  Clicking on this will open a with a direct connection to your Office Live Workspace. 


Simply save the document to your Live Workspace.  Make sure and choose a Office Live Supported File Type.  Otherwise the file will be saved on your Workspace, however anyone who has access to it will need to download it before being able to make changes. 


Now when you log into your Workspace ion the Office Live site you will see the saved document.  Anyone who has access to this Office Workspace can read and make changes to this document.  By hovering the mouse over the document title a pop up menu shows different options. 



There is also a Toolbar with different options shown at the top of the document when it is open in Office Live.


Sharing a document is easy.  With the document open click the Share icon.  Then enter in the email addresses of those who you want to view the document only by typing their email address into the Viewers field.  Type an email address in the Editors field for those you want to grant editing access.


This is mean as a introduction to Office Live Workspaces allowing you to get familiar with what is offered.  Next week we I will go into this service a lot more in depth showing more cool functions available.  Also, we will cover Office Live Small Business which can get small business owners online and working efficiently with customers and employees.

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  • Published 08/22/08

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