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Social Web Browsing Using Flock

If you are a social networking junkie and enjoy the web surfing of Firefox then Flock Internet browser might be right for you.


I know, I know, I am not a champion of social networking, but this browser is pretty interesting.  Flock is based on Mozilla’s Firefox browser which I am sure most of you are familiar.  Flock’s User Interface is very intuitive and should be a snap for any Firefox user.  Tabbed browsing, Skins, and of course plenty of Add-ons. 


I am not sure why but I was kind of surprised to see Yahoo as the default in the Search bar.  You can easily change that of course in Options.


You can set up you main page however you wish, but the unique feature of Flock is My World where you basically add Widgets like you would to iGoogle or Netvibes


Pull up the People tab and your ready to get started with the major social networks right off the bat.


You can set up Flock to suit whatever need you may have from a blogger to the media fan …


And the New Junkie.  Wow, I spent over 2 hours writing this post just because I felt the need to keep playing!  I don’t know if this is the browser you want to use at work … then on the other hand …


Download Flock

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  • Published 05/19/08

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