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Continuing with this weeks M$ Office alternatives theme I thought today we could take a look at ZOHO. Right off the bat I am already MUCH more impressed with this over ThinkFree which I reviewed earlier. ZOHO offers Online spreadsheets, presentations, note taking, organizational tools, web conferencing, word processor, Database and Reporting, web applications creator, Instant Messaging, and an online public or private Wiki.

When logged in you are presented with a nice dashboard. Of course you choose your own Avatar … I thought what is cooler than a Bob Ross avatar?


The first thing that intrigued me about ZOHO is the clean user interface. Below is just a shot of title slide in the Presentation application.


Immediately I got down to business and tried importing an existing practice Excel file from my local machine. Seems simple enough.

Import Excel File

This seemed to take very little time at all. In fact I was pleasantly surprised at the quickness of the import. The basic tools to change Fonts, size, colors, etc … are easily accessed as well.

imported - Fonts

I had no problem importing a M$ Word document into the ZOHO Writer.


Unfortunately right now it appears M$ Office 2007 documents are not supported by ZOHO. Out of the Online Office Alternatives I have checked out so far, albeit only 3, ZOHO takes the cake so far. I could actually see myself using ZOHO for daily work scenario’s. I have just covered a slight glimpse of what ZOHO has to offer in this article, but I am sure to be posting more on what ZOHO has to offer in the future.

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  • Published 12/27/07

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