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Make Monday Not Suck: Flow

I am starting a new Sunday feature where I will post something cool for you to keep on hand so your Monday doesn’t suck.  For lack of a better title the feature is called “Make Monday Not Suck”  I am going to feature something to do on your PC while at work.  So when the boss is breathing down your neck about statistics and the usually “blah… blah”  you can forget about it and relax with cool games or tricks i will feature to take your mind off your case of “The Mondays”.

To start things off right, I would like to point out a great relaxing flash game you might want to try called Flow created by Jenova Chen.  The game features wonderfully soothing music and there is no time limit.  There is no strategy per se … so do not worry about using your brain.  


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  • Published 08/5/07

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