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iTunes Update For iPhone? :- ( Oh Brother …

I have been an iTunes loyalist from the very beginning. Back when I had an iMac 233Mhz I was extremely impressed with it. Then when it was ported over to Windows it was just icing on the cake. However, now that I am running Vista iTunes really has issues. They have gotten better over the past 6 months, but still a lot of bugs need to be worked out. So this afternoon I ran the Apple Software Update utility and saw a update for the iPhone I was quite dismayed. Come on Jobs!!! Stop putting out only updates for DRM when it’s cracked, Apple TV, and the iPhone. I know these things need to be updated, but could you spend a bit of time making the UI on iTunes Aero, fix the iPod issues, and fix the nauseating slowness of iTunes on Vista?

For those of you who care about the iPhone make sure you get this update.


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  • Published 06/30/07

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