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Desktop Fun: Tomb Raider Wallpaper Collection


Everyone’s favorite British archaeologist Lara Croft has gotten into one tough scrape after another as she travelled across the world in search of ancient relics. Now you can bring her adventures to your desktop with our Tomb Raider Wallpaper collection.

Tomb Raider

Note: Click on the picture to see the full-size image—these wallpapers vary in size so you may need to crop, stretch, or place them on a colored background in order to best match them to your screen’s resolution.
















For more great wallpapers make sure to look through our terrific collections in the Desktop Fun section.

Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/20/11

Comments (7)

  1. donnamarie

    I really like that you guys make awesome wallpapers from my favorite motion pictures. Excellent work.

  2. sVen

    Yeah. What donnamarie said.

  3. Mohan

    I am so looking forward to the new Tomb Raider game, reminds me a lot of Uncharted.

  4. Arizona

    Yay! That’s just what I want when I come to a geek/tech site – more objectification of women wallpaper. And yes, I am aware this post was from Angel, whose work I respect.

  5. Levitator

    what? This has nothing to do with “objectification of women”!! Tomb Raider is a badass game and there are a lot of people who are fans of the series…I came here to check out the wallpapers for exactly that reason. I’m a fan of the game. get a grip.

  6. Stryker

    Awesome wally btw which part is this?

  7. PH

    Tomb Raider games are ace. Lara is quite nice too.. I’ll admit I had a slight crush on her when I was a young buck.

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