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Soluto Solves PC Crashes and Speeds Up Boot Time. Download It Now!


Troubleshooting an application crash is one of the most frustrating tasks for the everyday geek, but now Soluto has upgraded their already-awesome boot-speed-up application with an application crash analyzer—and it helps disable browser add-ons too.

If you haven’t installed Soluto yet, you should grab your own copy right now—if you already have it installed, you should be upgraded at some point today automatically. You’ll just need to restart Soluto to get the new features unlocked.

Note: Soluto is completely free, and our friends at the company assure us that this application will be free forever. We at How-To Geek absolutely recommend this software, and the people that made it.

Screenshot Tour of Soluto

The previous version only helped you tweak your boot speed, but the new version has tools to clean up web browser add-ons, as well as analyze application crashes.


The boot analyzer still works wonders—I was able to delay Dropbox on startup and reduce my startup time down to only 25 seconds.


The browser add-on screen will let you quickly disable any of the add-ons installed into Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.


And the crash analyzer will track system crashes and in some cases, at least, give you solutions to the crashes. You’ll notice that there’s no solution for my VLC crash, and that’s because I only installed Soluto on this PC yesterday and haven’t had another crash since.


The Awesome: Soluto Replaces the Windows Crash Handler

Remember that annoying dialog that happens when an application crashes, that asks if you want to send a report to Microsoft? Soluto replaces that dialog with a cute little crash dialog that shows you a solution for the problem.


In this example, I was using the crash test application—clicking the See Solutions took me right to the screen with the proper solution, which was to stop running the crash tester, of course.


Keep in mind that some of the features, like analyzing crashes and startup time, will get better over time as Soluto collects more data on crashes and solutions.

Note: if you aren’t seeing the new features yet, just wait a bit. They are rolling it out at 8AM EST today, so you should see the features enabled soon.

Download Soluto from

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  • Published 05/25/11

Comments (50)

  1. C12ASH13

    Gee guys, between readyboost and SpeedUpMyPC 2011 I’m not sure if this one is for me because this thing boots up in a flash. Might have to download it and see if I can make it even faster if that’s even possible lol.

  2. KB Prez

    Been using this for awhile now. Perfect for removing software from Windows startup using the “Delay” & “Pause” options. I’ll be upgrading for the new Crash features today. I LOVE Soluto!

  3. dscribe

    Hmm, It won’t download/install because it needs special access through my firewall, then I see on Lifehacker where someone installed it and caught it dominating network traffic several times. Makes me a bit nervous. Think I’ll hold off for more evidence before I try it.

  4. Ali

    After i saw this i restarted my computer and soluto was updated and all new :)

  5. ben lee

    i swear by soluto that it works…
    startup on windows7 becomes less than 1min 45sec … instead of 3mins

  6. guddo

    which Soluto Solves PC does work at 256mb of ram. plz advised//help. (guddo)

  7. Hatryst

    +1 for guddo’s question
    We need to tweak PCs with slow booting problems, and only those PCs have a slow boot which have 256MB of RAM
    This is an awesome piece of software !!

  8. Марфа

    last time it broke my PC

  9. ANASS

    Sorry to say that but this software is useless, everything in it you can get it fro your Antivirus even a basic Antivirus so.. i guess no need to install it.
    I admit that the user interface is impressive but with no actual feathers it still Useless

  10. Erik

    @ANASS – I suppose that’s “an ass”, as in you’re trolling. At least, I hope so.

  11. Seasider2

    @Erik. What you are doing is tolling. and being an offensive little.****.
    People have a right to express an opinion about the topic under discussion.. They also have the right to not expect to be bullied by a fascist, moronic, troglodyte with less wit than a hay rick. E rik.

  12. Paul

    I’ve been using for this for a while with great success on a W7 64 machine. I will have to check out the update later today. Will it work as well on Vista or XP??

  13. Roi

    Now calm down. Erik wasn’t trolling, nor being a fascist. I fully support him. “An ass” is a real troll since Soluto has NOTHING to do with antiviruses or feathers.

  14. ed

    Useless for me because my old laptop has only 382 mb of memory. It required 512mb memory ram.

  15. Snowbound

    Lat year when Soluto was announced I downloaded it and installed in on my Win7 computer. The problem I had with it at the time was that it was increasing the boot time as it runs in the background all the time. Instead of Soluto I use SysInternals Autoruns instead to pare down the apps. Autoruns is a small run on demand app.

  16. Hatryst

    My explorer stopped responding, and restarted (after a long time, due to soluto, maybe?), and soluto didn’t consider that a crash. What’s a crash then? BSOD?

  17. ha14

    Nice review, Soluto has some other tools like boot time calculation, well some have doubts on how Soluto will increase the windows speed, well i used it on vista last year, Soluto didnt crashed pc but removed some services and I didnt noticed speed improvement. All in all Soluto can be used for its other features that can come handy.

  18. John Vieira-McEldowney

    I haven’t tried it yet. The first question that comes to my mind after looking over their web site is “where’s the money?”. They have an impressive list of investors, but an investor, by definition, expects an ROI It looks like an application that took some sophisticated programming to create, plus they describe an ongoing activity (data gathering) to keep it up to date.
    Has anybody taken the time to put a packet sniffer on and see what’s going on? I may give that a shot later on,

  19. scan

    it made my boot time longer

  20. wax!

    it doesn’t complete installation and redirects me to the page


    what 2 do?

  21. Mohit

    my win7 boot time is about 30-45 seconds…would this software make it better?

  22. Fichado01

    Same as Mohit..
    My Vista boot time is about 32 – 40 seconds…would this software make it better?

  23. paleolith

    Soluto created the Blue Screen of Death after I installed it and every time I tried to invoke it. I had to use system restore in safe mode with no networking to get rid of it.

  24. Carlito

    use 360 Amigo. XP boot time 22-26 sec

  25. muntoo

    I’d only discovered this a few days ago, and it looks pretty cool. It’s still not “stable”, but it’s awesome for geeks and non-geeks alike. (As a geek who’s spent way too much time speeding startup, I was able to only cut down by a few seconds [out of 2-3 minutes], but I bet it’ll be a better experience for others who haven’t spent hours trying to do what I had been doing.)

  26. arne

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate on a HP Compaq Presario X1000 notebook. Soluto causes my notebook to crash with a BSOD. I tried running Soluto in compatibility mode with Windows XP SP2 But with the same result. Has anybody any idea why I get these crashes? My OS has all the latest updates. Thanks for any help.

  27. betor

    after so many crashed hard drives with xp and vista I moved my older computer to linux. got away from the vulnerabilities of windows. moved my newer pc to win7. soluto seems like just another pretty face.

  28. boocat

    I can’t install it because I only have a computer with 256mb of ram. :(

  29. James

    Love the GUI so much >.< But I'm not sure how effective this program is yet, especially since it's still in beta. A lot of my programs 'still cannot be disabled (yet …)' and some of the ones I disable show up as 'residue still remains'. This looks like a promising application though if it can help solve program crashes as well.

  30. pbug

    Let’s see. Once you figure out what Soluto does to speed up boots, you can do a lot of it yourself.

    I put it on a few systems. Helped a bit. I needed to adjust things but found that it would always hang, or churn away for hours doing nothing. It eventually trashed the startup for one of my PC’s (lots of luck if you uninstall it). Nice idea, maybe worth trying a couple years from now IMHO. I found it even buggier and more unpredicatble then Windoze!

  31. onedeafeye

    A bit late to the party, but here goes – I had it on my computer and helped two others put it on theirs. And the one common thread was that it suggested disabling the AV to speed things up. And one of the biggest slowdowns was Soluto itself. It’s gone.

  32. Alzaman

    The last time i used Soluto, ironically the slowest item to load was .. Soluto!!

  33. AtOdds

    Everybody’s going on and on about boot times. I was looking for comments on how this program does giving understandable information on reasons for application crashes. Anyone?? I’d love to try Soluto for that reason. Also concerned about it slowing down my system. I have 1535 MB Ram (on my very stable XP system). Is that enough?

  34. Bri

    Looks and sounds great until you read the comments… I’ll stock with the extra 2/3 seconds it is supposedly meant to shave off the boot time and keep my stable computer thanks!

  35. Robert

    I timed my startup before installation, noting when it flashed the xp startup, the hp logo, completed the desktop icons, and finished loading ccleaner and avast. I loaded Solulto. The first reboot increased each stage and tripled startup. It made a note of startup time. Rebooted again and it began “learning” elements of startup. The recommended cleanup and some of my own cut the total startup time down to only twice what it took before. I liked the browser cleaning feature, but (knock wood) program crashes are pretty rare for me. Not worth the wait. Long installation time, longer uninstall left lots of junk for Revo uninstaller to clean up after it. XP, AMD Turion 64 Mobile, HP Pavilion.

  36. Dan

    Very disappointment as this program requires a minimum of 512 of RAM. I only have 253. I wish it was clear before wasting my time downloading the set up file.

  37. Noname

    @John Vieira-McEldowney : Go read the Privacy Policy – The Way We Use and Collect Personal Information and you will see what they collect from your pc. No need for packet sniffer since they collect everything you do on your pc =)

    I posted that section from their site here , but that comment didn’t apear so that means this article on website is paid advertising for Soluto.

    And like other said Autoruns is the best start-up manager , and also using Windows Performance Analysis Tools from Windows SDK on Windows 7 can dramaticly improve your boot time. Just search for “How to speed up boot process under Windows Vista or Windows 7″ since probably here they ban liks to other websites.

  38. nick 1936

    i have been using this for some time. it works very well

  39. def101

    Awesome program. I installed it first on my netbook with windows 7 starter. It sped up my boot time by a minute. It also sped up the whole computer as it now lives on less ram by about 200mb. On a one gig netbook that is fantastic.

    Second install was on my desktop with windows xp. Again it sped up the boot by one minute or more and it also lives on less ram. This computer is a media server and for encoding video on the fly that extra ram is very helpful.

    Thanks HTG for all the useful and insightful info you share with the world keep up the good work.

  40. Ladybbird

    This was awful a few of us tried it and felt the same. It interfered with some things as ops above mentionned. It made no improvement at all.

    Not up to your usual standard of good recommendations The Geek, but thanks a lot anyway.

  41. keltari

    I tried it, but so far I am unimpressed. Cleanly exiting random applications and it registers them as crashes…

  42. Orit Balicer (Soluto Team)

    Hi Arne,

    I’d like to help.
    Please email us at with all the details so we can figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.


  43. David

    It works for me on Vista – as far as it goes. But…

    If an app is ‘unknown’ to Soluto’s database, you can’t do a thing with it. You can’t delay it, pause it (yes, that’s a quirkily different function, or submit a description). And there’s no guarantee it will ever be added.

    Only if the app is present on a sufficiently high % of users’ PCs is it likely to be added.

    So if you write your own script or use some lovely rarely used freeware, no chance with Soluto.

    They wish to protect novice users from taking actions they haven’t approved.

    There is a plan to add this as an advanced function. Yet other startup delayers I’ve tried (which don’t require an internet connection) do pick up most startup programs. However, in the end I didn’t get on with them, whereas I feel comfortable with Soluto so far, despite its quirks.

    Another annoying problem is this:
    If you reinstall an app delayed by Soluto, or change it’s startup from the app’s GUI, it takes typically two restarts before Soluto sets it up as it was. Ok, the app runs each time- but no delay the first time, and its listing in Soluto is about ‘residues’.

    Useful to me for now, but some ragged ends as yet.

  44. Frenk

    O My God! Againe This Chill Of Crap Fuuuull Stupeeeeeeeeeeed #heet application ! Hi Kill My PC And after installation my PC stop answer ! I told You Dont Be Installed if not want adwenture on your ass!


    You know? When my PC started Reboot again & again i`m just tekup HDD and deleted all files OS, bat before i`ll get all my needs files ! That`s it Guys & Girls!

  45. Neil

    I found that this app was unable to detect that my pc had just crashed and was repeatedly crashing. According to Soluto my pc was fine. As it happens I have failing capacitors on my motherboard which cause random crashing. Then I found that the uninstaller did not work. I give Soluto 0 out of 10.

  46. Amit

    i think the application is not for notebooks, as i found it discharge the battery very quickly almost in half of the time..

  47. Mohit

    Just love the way a crash report pops up when i use soluto :P

  48. Hohokham

    My Thinkcenter-XP boots in about 2min30secs, of which 35 seconds of that is SOLUTO.
    No “nobrainers” to remove and what is left would only gain me a few tenths of a second.
    Needless to say, SOLUTO goes bye-bye and now I’m VERY suspicious of the GEEK review that is nothing more than a PAID advertisement! :(

  49. awarre

    Tried it on Win 7 64 bit
    seemed to help boot time but disabled System Restore
    so uninstalled it

  50. product trier

    has done nothing useful that i can see and has been on my computer for over 2 months….it keeps saying it is analyzing the situation again and again and again and again and still nothing….when the heck is it going to do its job…???????

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