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How to Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks with Your Android Phone

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If you’ve got Google Chrome on your desktop and Google Android on your phone, you might be thinking… why can’t I use the same bookmarks in both places? Here’s how to sync your bookmarks between computers and also to your Android phone.

This article was written by Mitch Bartlett from, where he covers lots of tips for mobile phones.

Sync Chrome Bookmarks between computers

In Google Chrome, select the wrench in the upper left corner and choose “Options”.


Select “Personal Stuff” from the Options pane, then click “Set up sync…”


On the Data Types screen, check “Bookmarks”. Check any other data you would like to sync with your account, then click OK.


Your bookmarks are now synced with your Google account. You can perform these same steps on any other PC you wish to sync your bookmarks with.


Sync bookmarks with Android

Now that your bookmarks are synced over to your Google account, you can sync them with an Android device via a third-party app called ChromeMarks. Download and install ChromeMarks from the Android Market, and then open ChromeMarks and select the “Sync” option.


Your bookmarks will now be available in the ChromeMarks app. Selecting one will open the link in your default browser.


If you want to sync bookmarks between the stock Android Browser app and Chrome on your computer, the feature is available in the paid version of ChromeMarks. It will have sync options under Menu > Settings > Local Bookmarks.


Now you you’ll have your Chrome bookmarks available to you from any computer as well as on your Android device.

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  • Published 05/24/11

Comments (16)

  1. Software_guy

    Like your site but shouldn’t you warn users that ChromeMarks is NOT affiliated with Google and any data they hand over to them may be a cause for concern?

    I think its only fair when dealing with 3rd party services that can not only get your bookmarks but potentially passwords.

  2. trm96

    It seems strange that Google did not build this functionally into Android.

  3. jim

    trm96, true…but i imagine it’ll eventually get integrated some day

  4. Cambo

    X-Marks has been doing this for a while. Way easier, and cross-platform.

  5. Andrew

    What about the memory? does the bookmarks use inbuilt RAM or can be transferred to SD card?

  6. ryan

    It says third party app…

    Unless that was written after the fact

  7. chromemarks

    Hi there, I’m the developer of ChromeMarks.

    First, wanna say thanks for the review and the mention!

    Second, some answers to a few of the questions above!

    ChromeMarks does *not* ask for your password. We use the built in Android authenticator which does not return a password. Android will ask the user if they want to grant this app access to *just* the bookmarks. You can deny this and you can revoke it anytime by uninstalling the app. Once you approve it, Android is still fully in charge – it won’t give the app a password, it only returns a token that give only my app access to your bookmarks only. The app has no access to anything else (no google docs, etc) and can’t get your password back at all. This is all using the official way of working that Google fully recommend to all developers.

    As for memory – the app stores all your bookmarks in an sqlite database on the device. You can install the app to your sd card if you want. I don’t think android allows you to move the databases to the sd card, but I know there are some tweaks to the apps2sd functionality that can do that for you. I should mention that the ChromeMarks database is still smaller than the database used by Chrome!

    Hope that helps – any other questions, just contact

  8. chromemarks

    …and just another update. ChromeMarks uses *no* third party functionality. No extensions, no google docs, nothing else. It goes natively direct to the exact same url and database that Chrome does. No middle man at all.

  9. wutname1

    This is possible with the default browser in 3.0, now if only it would make its way onto phones….

  10. chromemarks

    Yes, this is part of the 3.0 honeycomb browser, but I’ve never got it to work in the emulator and my app *does* have a large number of purchases from 3.0 devices, so I’m guessing the native browser functionality is a bit limited (or in my case, completely broken).

  11. ehs

    Is there a way to do the same for Firefox users?
    I dont want to use firefox on android because its bloated and slow.
    so no firefox sync is possible… but which other ways are possible?

  12. Cambo


    Use X-Marks. They have add-ons and extensions available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. They also have Mobile apps for Android and IPhone (I think). You create an account with X-Marks and your bookmarks are stored on their servers.

    All your browsers and devices sync in one place, rather than this method which uses Chrome and Android only.

  13. Wes

    I like ChromeMarks, with 1 major fault, they alphabetize the bookmarks in each folder, making it 10 times more difficult to find that one bookmark you want or need.

  14. Mitch Bartlett

    Usually the term “third-party” only means that it’s not native to the OS or device maker. That’s what I meant anyway.

  15. chromemarks

    @Wes. The free version allows you to sort alphabetically, by creation date or by modified date. As an incentive to upgrade, the full version additionally allows you to sort in the same order as Chrome. I’ve got to have some reason to recompense all my effort.. :-)

  16. Adriano

    Hi there , i’m using Samsung Galaxy S2 , with latest version on it from last update ( Vodafone UK ) ;
    Just to let the Dev of this app , your lite app cannot sync any bookmarks with Google Database that is encrypted thorough Google Sync from Google Chrome ; what u app does is sync bookmarks between database of bookmarks that i’ve uploaded to Google servers which means Google Server is using two differents ways of sync ( one thorough Google Chrome and another one that is quite public anyone can have acces to it if he knows the login details ) …i was so close to buy u app worth it more than 1 pound for it

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