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Use This Bookmarklet to Easily Get Albums

With the help of UnMicD over at LH (disclaimer: {s}he did the majority of the legwork), I put together a bookmarklet for getting music online using the google/mediafire trick.

Here’s the JS:

javascript:var searchterms = escape(prompt('Enter Artist and Album'));var query = searchterms + ' site:mediafire.com';window.location='http://www.google.com/search?q=' + query;

And here’s the simple favicon I whipped up for it (imgur):


I use the Firefox Add-on “Favicon Picker” to assign Favicons to bookmarklets.

This came about because UnMicD and I originally talked about creating a bookmarklet for a quick google search by site:[cityname].craigslist.org.
That code is available here:


I would post that JS too but I don’t want to steal all the credit…

  • Published 02/11/10

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