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Disable Automatic Capitalization in Microsoft Word

If you don’t like the automatic capitalization where Microsoft Word replaces capital letters, you can completely disable that feature or just customize it to meet your needs.

Disable in Office 2003

Go to Tools \ AutoCorrect Options and choose the AutoCorrect tab. You can choose to enable or disable these specific options:

  • Correct Two Initial Capitals
  • Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences
  • Capitalize First Letter Of Table Cells
  • Capitalize Names Of Days
  • Correct Accidental Use Of Caps Lock Key

Disable in Office 2007

To disable in Word 2007, you’ll have to click the Office Button in the upper right-hand corner.

Then choose Word Options from the bottom of that menu.

On the left-hand pane choose Proofing, and then the AutoCorrect Options button.


Then on the AutoCorrect tab, you can choose which capitalization related options you’d like to be enabled.


You can also use the Exceptions box to add in specific items that you want to be exempt from the rules


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  • Published 07/16/10

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