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Visualizing a DDoS Attack in Progress with Logstalgia, The April 23rd Attack against VideoLAN

The term ‘DDoS attack’ is one that is well known to geeks everywhere and unfortunately they are becoming more common-place with each passing day. Now it is one thing to hear about a ‘DDoS attack’ and understand the sheer power that one can wield against a target, but what would one look like if you could visualize it? Enter Ludovic Fauvet and the video visualization that he made using Logstalgia for the recent attack against VideoLAN’s infrastructure.

Intial Tweet About the DDoS Attack [Ludovic Fauvet – Twitter]

Update Tweet About the DDoS Attack [Ludovic Fauvet – Twitter]

DDOS on the VideoLAN downloads infrastructure [YouTube]

You can learn more about Logstalgia at its homepage:

Logstalgia Homepage [Google Project Hosting]

[via CNET News]

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  • Published 04/30/13

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