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Evernote is Looking to Get into the Hardware Business Eventually Too

With the goal of becoming the center of your online life, it seems like all the big companies are focused on having their own ‘personalized’ line of hardware as an extension of their expanding software and service offerings. Now you can add Evernote to the list of companies expressing interest in joining the hardware trend.

At first Evernote plans to release branded hardware with partners, but will eventually move onto building hardware on their own within the next few years. Details are still sketchy at the moment, but Phil Libin did have this to say:

From the PC World blog post: Libin emphasized that the company aims to make devices that are “new and magical,” rather than entering an existing product category.

What do you think an Evernote device will look like? What type of operating system do you think the devices will have? Do you think it will be ‘layered’ on top of an Android system like the recently released Facebook Home is or would you expect something different?

You can learn more about Evernote CEO Phil Libin’s interview with the IDG News Service in Tokyo by browsing on over to the articles linked below…

[via PC World, CNET News, and ZDNET News]

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  • Published 04/18/13

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