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What Astronauts Really Eat In Space

While you might be most familiar with the freeze dried astronaut food stocked in museum gift shops, the larders of spacecraft and stations looks a little different. Check out the last five decades of space food.

Over at Mashable they’ve rounded up photos and descriptions of what astronauts ate going all the way back to the Mercury and Gemini missions in the early 1960s. Hit up the link below to check out the gallery; you’ll see how the food has definitely improved in quality and variety but the packaging still looks as utilitarian as ever.

See What Astronauts Really Eat In Space [Mashable]

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  • Published 01/29/13

Comments (2)

  1. Mats Svensson

    Glazed ham!
    Chocolate covered raisins!

  2. Evan

    I found Waldo.

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