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Nail Clipping in Space [Video]

Even the most simple of activities, like clipping your nails, presents a logistical problem when done in micro-gravity.

Chris Hadfield shows us how he, aboard the International Space Station, clips his nails without sending the clippings spinning off to spear a station-mate in the eye.

If learning about life-in-space interests you, make sure to check out this tour of the International Space Station.

Chris Hadfield – Nail Clipping in Space [via Geeks Are Sexy]

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  • Published 01/17/13

Comments (3)

  1. Jeff Sadowski

    My solution big clear plastic bag. Put both hands in with a nail clipper. Clip nails they would be contained to the bag.

  2. Don

    I love these little ‘factoid’ style things about zero-gravity situations. Just fun bits of info to learn about.

  3. Ray

    Jeff Sadowski,
    Simple is best, the yanks spent a fortune making a pen work in zero gravity, the Russians, they use a pencile, works just fine…

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