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Giveaway: 50 Free Space Invaders T-Shirts for How-To Geek Soluto Users


If you’re a How-To Geek reader and you also support somebody else using Soluto, you’re in luck, because the fine folks over at Soluto are giving away 50 of their Space Invaders t-shirts to our readers.

Space Invaders, you say? Just look at the next image and you’ll see a close-up picture that I took of my own shirt.


You can get your own shirt too, as long as you’re a How-To Geek reader and you support somebody else using Soluto. Keep reading for the details.

Rules for the Giveaway

The rules are simple, but you should read them anyway.

  1. You must be a Soluto user that supports at least one other person.
  2. If you aren’t currently a Soluto user, you can sign up using the link below to be counted.
  3. If you are currently a Soluto user, you can email them at and give them the email address that you use for Soluto.
  4. The winners will be selected randomly (if there are more than 50).
  5. You have from now until January 1st to enter.

There’s a pretty strong chance of getting a t-shirt out of this, and it doesn’t matter where you are.

New Users Register Here:

Existing Users Email Here:

Keep reading for instructions on how to support another person using Soluto.

How to Support a Person Using Soluto

1. Users should register here ( to create an account and add their own PC.

2.After downloading and registering to Soluto, users will be taken to their own PC view. Here they can get the feel of Soluto. In order to add another PC, they should click the blue home button to go to their Soluto dashboard.

3.Once in their Soluto dashboard, users will see a section for their own PCs, and a section for adding other people’s PCs. They can start adding someone else’s PC by clicking the “add someone” button.

1 add someone button

4.Once you click on “add someone” an invitation will pop up. There, users can add the email of the family member or friend whose PC they’d like to support through Soluto.


5.Next, users can personalize the invitation. They can edit the message to tailor it to the person to whom they are sending the invite. Or, they can leave it as is. Then, users can select the relationship for the person they are inviting. They can also enter their phone number if they’d like, so that the person knows the invitation is really from them. Then, they click send.

2 add someone invite

6.The person being invited will receive the invitation via email. Here’s what it will look like on their end:


7.All this person needs to do is accept, and then download Soluto. They can start this process by clicking the green “start here” button in the email. This will only take a few minutes. In the meantime, you can check on the status of this person by going to your PC dashboard and finding their name and icon under “People I help”.


You can also change the avatar of your friend or relative by clicking on the icon with their name, and then the edit pencil.


8. Once the friend or relative has installed Soluto on their computer the user will be able to start managing their friend or relative’s PC from their PC dashboard. Here they can utilize Soluto’s features like cutting boot time by removing background apps, remotely installing apps like Skype and Dropbox, and defragging or clearing disk space in just a click.

6 supportee pc view

So go ahead and enter the giveaway already!

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  • Published 12/24/12

Comments (16)

  1. gyffes

    Is this better than Teamviewer?

  2. nt0xik8ed

    gyffes, its a program that runs in the back ground slowing down your start up time to tell you about other programs that are running and slowing your start up time.

  3. Keith

    Saluto is, at best, unnecessary. At worst, it’s a startup gummer-upper in its own right. And they’re doing this t-shirt promotional??? Yeah, that’ll help speed things up a lot.

    My strong advice to the makers of Saluto. Go direct your energies and (talents) to the development of something better.

  4. Richard

    lol it looks like some abysmal social marketing type crap, you have your friends “happiness” level when you “help” them (by selling them solutos IT magic)… yeah I’d never risk installing something like

  5. Jon

    @ nt0xik8ed EXACTLY! Also your errors don’t have a solution yet. Like wut? 0_o

  6. Ran

    Goodness, HTG made a terrible decision to associate themselves with this – very damaging to HTG credibility. Will be suspicious of anything they recommend in the future.

  7. Bryan

    I’ve used Soluto since beta. Yes it runs at start up, but after configuration it manages the start up of many other unnecessary services and apps. A small price to pay for something that just works. Missing solutions are indeed an aggravation but remember they depend on the input of knowledgeable users.
    Contributing to the solutions is as easy as using the program, but sadly there are some who prefer to bitch instead.

  8. Alvaro

    You should test the software, and give it time, before saying these terrible things. Of course, the errors are not solved instantly, ant the startup doesn’t magically repairs, but Soluto does also a lot of things that make it an awesome software! Per example, installing/updating programs, updating Windows, lighten web browser, improving programs to keep them away from crashes, defragging, taking care of security, and other things. I know, it’s right that it might slow down the startup, but you can disable unnecessary apps to make it up.
    So, just give them time and trust, you’ll know how good they are.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. IT-rick

    good for you ! Ignore the haters & trolls / soluto is great and very helpful, especially when dealing with friends or family 2 & 3 states away. I have been using soluto for over two years now and have never had any problems or issues. i use it along with teamviewer to assist non-computer users and it helps alot !
    in the very beginning soluto was very limited, but now it`s growing to include lots of helpful tools.
    keep up the awesome work soluto team !!
    Merry Christmas !

  10. Robert

    I too use soluto and teamviewer to help those with low tech skills to keep their computers up and running. The savings in boot time make up for running the programs. I’m guessing most of the bashers and trolls no very little about helping others over the net……

    Happy New Year to all

  11. flapjack

    50 t shirts for the fifty users of this crap ware.

  12. Hi


  13. Alvaro

    Hey @IT-rick!
    You’re totally right, I must ignore them. Soluto is so awesome and I always reccomend it, the Soluto team is great and thoughtful about helping.
    And every new feature is just amazing. On what they do, Soluto is the best. They don’t know what they’re missing :)
    Anyway, already waiting for the results!

  14. nt0xik8ed

    looks like the saluto damage control team finally arrived to salvage their product with a few strategically placed, seemingly unrehearsed comments to jamb up the forum like their product does a computer.

  15. Frustrated

    I support people via Teamviewer and to pare down unnecessary items I use SysInternals free util Autoruns. I tried Soluto but found that it just slowed my computer down and did not improve boot up time at all. With Autoruns I run it and disable the unnecessary boot up items. Once I exit Autoruns it is not running in the background.

  16. sikas

    I’ve been using soluto for a while now, and honestly. it is GREAT!!

    But there is a problem at the moment, NO ONE, I repeat, no one can register or access the account since 28/12 due to an outage in Microsoft Azure Cloud Service which is impacting Soluto.

    As per their website and their facebook page, Soluto should be up in the upcoming hours.

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