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How Curiosity Took Its Self Portrait [Video]

There was enough confusion among the public as to how exactly the Curiosity Rover was able to photograph itself without the camera arm intruding into the photo that NASA released this video detailing the process.

For those readers familiar with photograph blending and stitching using multiple photo sources, this should come as no surprise. For the unfamiliar, it’s an interesting look at how dozens of photos can be blended together so effectively that the arm–robotic or otherwise–of the photographer can be taken right out. Hit up the link below to read more about how NASA practiced on Earth for the shot and to see a high-res copy of the actual self portrait.

Mars Rover Self-Portrait Shoot Uses Arm Choreography [NASA]

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  • Published 12/13/12

Comments (5)

  1. ESC

    hi, can you guys check the RSS feed i read the articles on google reader but after moving J/K between articles reader get freeze for a while, it only happends with your feeds, please check its very anoying.

  2. NSDCars5

    Is that GNOME?! :P

  3. Ryan

    Oh yeh that really clears up everything.

  4. ICRB

    Bull crap!!!! The original pics displayed on the Internet did not show any type of arm coming from the rover. I find it funny now that if you look for pics they are computer generated and not the actual pics.

  5. alex

    Hmm….nice animation….but it doesnt explain how the camera arm took a picture of itself as is shown in the actual self portrait pics…..

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