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The Truth About Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Whether it’s the structural layout of your home or just ghosts in the machine, we’re all familiar with inexplicable Wi-Fi dead spots.

One extra puzzling situation, unseen in the comic here, is when the addition of another wireless node actually causes issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s nothing more frustrating than having twice the Wi-Fi node power and half the actual signal at your laptop. If you’re looking to extend your Wi-Fi network coverage headache free, check out our guides to doing so with Tomato-powered routers and DD-WRT-powered routers.

Your Wireless Internet Signal Strength [via FailDesk]

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  • Published 12/10/12

Comments (10)

  1. toucan

    Is this supposed to have a ‘humourous image’ tag? ‘cos it’s clearly not serious.

  2. wbrown

    Looks about right to me..

  3. Jbaker

    Bleeding out their signal and the nest 3 houses around you is the only way to do it.

    Or just direct microwaves to their house.

  4. gifi4

    Obviously, you just build a room surrounding your garden and set up everything there. Problem solved.

  5. NSDCars5

    ^^^^ LOL

  6. Darin

    Yes, it is supposed to be humorous as indicated by the “unseen in the comic here” line

  7. SeoKungFu

    Never had such issues with normal laptops, they are called ThinkPad.

  8. synwave

    Buy your neighbor’s place. Not so hard to figure out.

  9. john3347

    @synwave: Don’t buy your neighbor’s house, just use his WiFi. He has the same kind of router as yours.

  10. twill

    Hey toucan, try to get to bed earlier – your brain’s in Park.

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