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Tempescope Displays Weather by Recreating It

Yesterday we showed you an umbrella stand that signals raining/clear skies by color, today we have something even more interesting: an ambient desktop weather station that recreates the outside weather.

The Tempescope pulls down the current weather report from Weather Underground’s API and feeds it to an Arduino board which in turn controls the device. When it’s raining, it pumps water down to simulate rain in the chamber. When there is lightening, LEDs flash. When there is cloud cover, an ultrasonic generator creates a fine mist inside the cylinder. Finally, on sunny days the entire thing glows warmly.

To say that we want one would be an understatement. Hit up the link below to read more about the project, the display modes, and to peek inside the device.

Prototyping “Tempescope”, An Ambient Weather Display [via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 11/15/12

Comments (6)

  1. Jerry

    What about snow?

  2. Dave

    what about looking out the window?

  3. Zip

    ^ HAHA! :D ^

  4. Paul

    @Dave: I’d love to look out my window… if I had one in my office.

  5. alvasrawuther

    That, was great.

  6. alvasrawuther

    And when there’s lightning, we’ll know any way. :P

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