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DIY Halloween Decoration Uses Simple Silohuettes

While many of the Halloween decorating tricks we’ve shared over the years involve lots of wire, LEDs, and electronic guts, this one is thoroughly analog (and easy to put together). A simple set of silhouettes can cheaply and quickly transform the front of your house.

Courtesy of Matt over at GeekDad, the transformation is easy to pull off. He explains:

It’s really just about as simple as you could hope for. The materials needed are: black posterboard or black-painted cardboard; colored cellophane or tissue paper; and tape. The only tools needed are: measuring tape; some sort of drawing implement — chalk works really well; and scissors and/or X-Acto knife. And while you need some drawing talent, the scale is big enough and the need for precision little enough that you don’t need that much.

For a more thorough rundown of the steps hit up the link below or hit up Google Images to find some monster silhouette inspiration.

Window Monsters [Geek Dad]

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  • Published 10/23/12

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