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The Most Ridiculous Computer Cameos of All Time

For the last half century computers have played all sorts of major and minor roles in movies; check out this collection to see some of the more quirky and out-of-place appearances.

Wired magazine rounds up some of the more oddball appearances of computers in film. Like, for example, the scene shown above from Soylent Green:

Spoiler alert: Soylent Green is people! But that’s not the only thing we’re gonna spoil. Soylent Green is set in 2022, and at one point, you’ll notice that a government facility is still using a remote calculator that plugs into the CDC 6600, a machine that was state-of-the-art in 1971. Come to think of it, we should scratch this from the list. This is pretty close to completely accurate.

Hit up the link below to check out the full gallery, including a really interesting bit about how the U.S. Government’s largest computer project–once decommissioned and sold as surplus–ended up on the sets of dozens of movies and television shows.

The Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Movie Computers of All Time [Wired]

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  • Published 10/17/12

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