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Sysadmin Nightmares – Server Room Disasters [Videos]

There you are, looking at a pristine server room when disaster suddenly strikes! Whether it is fire, floods, or other causes you will feel sympathy for the sysadmins involved when watching this collection of seven server room disasters that Wired has put together.

You can view the other six videos in the collection by visiting the Wired post linked below…

Server Snuff: 7 Videos of a Sysadmin’s Worst Nightmares [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 10/2/12

Comments (8)

  1. Krot4u

    :)))) only in Russia :)

  2. Pffft

    I love when he stands there with the extinguisher waiting for Capt. Magazine to finish fooling around.

  3. toucan

    His first reaction is to Blow it out!

  4. trinity343

    why keep spraying it with the extinguisher…it’s out at that point….

  5. r

    …gives a whole new meaning to the term “fire-wire”

  6. CaptainObvious

    The description makes it sound like the end times and it’s just a crappy fusebox.

  7. "gunner"

    for sale: little jiffy fuseblower, guaranteed, rcommended by wil e. coyote acme products world wide.

  8. lizbit

    how many twats does it take to put out a little fire?

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