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Star Wars: An Infographic Flowchart

If you can’t get enough of Star Wars lore, this minimalist set of infographics details major characters, conflicts, and alliances in the Star Wars universe.

Courtesy of designer Marc Morera, the series of Star Wars infographics give a quick summary, presents all the major players in the movies, and connects all the players and events via flowchart. Hit up the link below to see all of them in their high-resolution glory.

Star Wars Infographic [via Cool Infographics]

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  • Published 09/24/12

Comments (5)

  1. Pffft

    It’s “Tarkin” not Tarking

  2. Lame

    Wow, this thing was terrible. Names were spelled wrong and it was nearly impossible to follow. Some things didn’t even make sense with intersecting of the lines and weird “X”s in circles.

  3. r

    ya,…what about Spock and Alf ???

  4. Kevin

    Even the episode number of A New Hope is wrong!

  5. xilef

    and the link is dead.

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