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Torchlight II Drops Today; New Classes and Miles of Atmospheric Dungeon Crawling Await

Torchlight II, sequel to the extremely popular Torchlight action-RPG, is available for sale today. With four new classes and a massively expanded world, you’ll have plenty to explore.

The new release features extra classes, extra companion creatures, in-game weather systems, and of course: updated graphics and a massively expanded game universe. Trumping all these additions, however, is LAN/internet co-op multiplayer–by far the feature most requested and anticipated by Torchlight fans.

Check out the trailer video above to take a peak at the game, read more about it at the Torchlight II site, and then hit up the link below to grab a copy on Steam–you can pre-order it any time but it won’t be officially available for download until 2PM EST, today.

Torchlight II is Windows-only, $19.99 for a single copy or $59.99 for a friend 4-pack (which includes a copy of Torchlight I).

Torchlight II

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  • Published 09/20/12

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