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Score Awesome Games on the Cheap with Humble Indie Bundle 6

It’s the Humble Indie Bundle time of year again; score six great games at a name-your-own-price including acclaimed action-RPG Torchlight.

The Humble Indie Bundle combines games from independent development houses into a big promotional pack where gamers can name their own price and choose how much of that price goes towards the developers or gaming-related charities. Included in this bundle are: Dustforce, Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., Torchlight, and Vessel.

Torchlight 2, the followup to the wildly popular Torchlight, is set for release in a scant two days–now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of Torchlight on the cheap and get yourself up to speed.

The Humble Indie Bundle is cross-platform and DRM-free. Grab a copy and enjoy it on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine without any registration hassles.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6

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  • Published 09/19/12

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