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A Fistful of Rupees: The Wisdom, The Power, and The Courage [Triple Video Feature]

Colonel Ganon is terrorizing the territory in search of the other two pieces of the treasure map. If he succeeds, then all is lost, but there are heroes who step forward to stop him. Join all your favorite characters as they battle for control of the Hyrule territory!

Note: The videos contain some language and sequences that may be considered inappropriate.

FISTFUL OF RUPEES 1 of 3 “The Wisdom” – Zelda / Western Mash-up [YouTube]

FISTFUL OF RUPEES 2 of 3 “The Power” – Zelda / Western Mash-up [YouTube]

FISTFUL OF RUPEES 3 of 3 “The Courage” – Zelda / Western Mash-up [YouTube]

[via Dorkly]

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  • Published 08/9/12

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  1. Saad

    Epic Funny :)

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