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Toastr Is a Simple Reminder-on-Unlock Tool for Android

Android: if you’re looking for a dead simple reminder tool, Toastr pops up a reminder when you unlock your lock screen.

While there’s no shortage of calendar and reminder tools in the Android Market, most of them are overkill if all you want to set up is a simple pop-up reminder. Toastr is a free app (the premium option unlocks minor tweaks like the ability to alter the font) that allows you to set a simple pop-up notification that persists for a few seconds after you unlock your phone.

Toastr [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 05/29/12

Comments (1)

  1. dwn

    Seems like this would be useful if it could pull the next event in the calendar, but it looks like it only shows a pre-set message.

    If I ever found a use for that it probably makes more sense to blend that into my Tasker scripts.

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