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Earth from Space: A 121 Megapixel Peek at Our Planet [Video]

This beautiful video was created using 121 megapixel images of the Earth’s surface–to date, the highest resolution images available.

The video was created by James Drake using images from the Russian space program. He writes:

A time-lapse of Planet Earth, created from images produced by the geostationary Electro-L Weather Satellite. The images were obtained beginning on May 14th, and end on May 20th. The images are the largest whole disk images of our planet, each image is 121 megapixels, and the resolution is 1 kilometer per pixel. They are taken every half hour, and have been interpolated (smoothed) to create this video. The images are taken in four different wavelengths of light, three visible, and one infrared. The infrared light is reflected by forests and vegetation, which appear orange in these images.

You can see more images and video from the project at the link below.

Planet Earth [via The Verge]

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  • Published 05/14/12

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