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Hartverdrahtet Is A 4 Kilobyte Visual Feast

This stunning fractal-based video was generated by a single and elegant 4k application. Check out the video and then grab a copy of the app.

Over at the Creative Applications Network, they explain the background behind the video and the application that made it:

Worthy winner of the PC 4kB intro competition at Revision 2012 and latest example of the compact-coding tradition exercised within the demoscene, Hartverdrahtet by Akronyme Analogiker is a three minute long audio-visual trip into a procedural fractalverse, compressed into a minuscule piece of software. No bigger than 4069 bytes – less than an empty Word document, as demoscene activists like to point out – the executable file contains all the mathematics needed to generate the unfolding visual complexity and audible ambience upon a double-click. A solo effort by a talented coder who calls himself Demoscene Passivist, Hartverdrahtet reveals a mesmerizing cosmos observed through what could be an electron microscope – ethereal, greenish and a little eerie.

Hit up the link below to read more about the application and to grab a copy for yourself–it’s 4k, Windows only, fast GPU/CPU advised.

Hartverdrahtet – Infinite complexity in 4096 bytes [via Boing Boing]

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  • Published 05/10/12

Comments (3)

  1. ryan_O

    someone knows how to use it?

    when I start the .exe only appears a white screen with some strange greyed pixels

  2. Mario

    If they can incorporate this into a screensaver, im definately getting it, would be awesome!

  3. Roi

    You mean 4096 bytes not 4069 bytes ;)

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