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MIT Students Release Code For Their Massive Tetris-Building Hack

Earlier this year students at MIT turned the Green Building on MIT’s campus into a giant 250 foot tall Tetris game. Now they’ve released the the source code that drove the giant game board.

Although the Tetris-on-building hack isn’t new, by any means, the MIT execution of it was quite elegant and colorful.

If you’re in the mood to generate some interactive urban art in your neck of the woods, hit up the link below to find out how.

The ‘Holy Grail’ of Hacks [The Tech]

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  • Published 05/3/12

Comments (4)

  1. YoNer

    Funny how this is absolutely NOT A HACK AT ALL!!!! This is a project, they did not “hack” anything, they put together everything they needed building a giant display and programmed it ….this is like calling a home-made birthday cake a hack, a hack would be somenthing more like using a twinkie, some chocolate syrup and a cigarrette lighter as a cake….

  2. Iszi

    Hack or not, that game looks pretty close to being over.

  3. Wint

    Or it could be a hack in the sense that you’re changing what the lights in the building were originally designed to do…

  4. A.R.

    Of course it’s a hack. The project involved taking an object and applying some modifications for a completely different and novel use. The original object–the building–is meant to provide shelter for human activities, but it was transformed into a larger-than-life tetris screen with some modifications.

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