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How Does Google Search Work? [Video]

Have you ever wondered how Google Search works? Matt Cutts provides a quick overview of how the Google infrastructure works, how it all fits together along with how the crawling, indexing, and serving pipeline works.

How does Google search work? [via TinyHacker & Engadet]

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  • Published 05/1/12

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    That’s all very interesting how Google’s search engine works. But I still don’t trust them!

    In case you want to know why I (and apparently a growing number of other people) don’t trust Google, perhaps you might like to look into why Google want’s to cache every search anyone has ever done. I never once heard why it was relevant to keep search results that any particular user might have performed from over 5 years ago – or why Google would fold like a house of cards should any “business” or government agency request that info.

    “Big Brother” is still “Big Brother” no matter how small his tentacles seem to be. And if you want to point to Google’s slogan of “do no evil” then let’s also not forget that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    I have since abandoned using Google for searching and now use

  2. Jim

    My favorite part is @ 2:30 when he drops the eraser =P

  3. jay

    Does DuckDuckGo work the same way?

  4. Steve

    Startpage is the best search tool. Europoean Union gave it a Privacy Seal of Approval. It uses Google but keeps your searches IP private.

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