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Inside Game Controllers: An X-ray View

The outside of the controllers might be smooth plastic and carefully designed ergonomic buttons, but the inside is a mass of wires, circuit boards, and springs. Take a peek inside your favorite console’s controllers with this collection of X-ray images.

The images come to us courtesy of Reddit user Diabolikal49, who explains the impetus for the collection:

I’m a software engineer doing some testing at the moment. Last week, someone submitted an X-Ray film of an xbox controller and after seeing some requests for higher resolution pictures in the comments section, I thought that I would oblige.

PS3, Wii(Motion+), Xbox(MadCatz) and Gamecube controllers, in that order.

The X-Ray gun was set to approximately 145kV(and 60uA) for those who care.

Console Controllers X-rayed [Imgur]

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  • Published 04/25/12

Comments (3)

  1. theflash

    They couldn’t just open them up and take pictures that way?

  2. Michael

    @theflash To be fair, they look a lot more interesting this way, and besides, it retains the controllers integrity.

  3. r

    cool, …I always thought that there was a very tiny gerbil on a treadmill inside.

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