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Google Rolls Out Google Drive; 5GB of Free Storage Linked to Your Google Account

This afternoon Google rolled out their new Google Drive: a cloud-based storage solution tightly integrated with your Google account.

Google Drive isn’t just a storage add-on, it’s an evolution of the Google Docs platform. You can share documents, media, and other files, easily sharing them with friends for viewing or collaboration. There’s currently a Google Drive app for Windows, OS X, and Android (with an iOS app on the way). The basic account comes with 5GB with premium accounts starting at $5 a year for 20GB.

Hit up the link below to read more and take Google Drive for a spin.

Google Drive

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  • Published 04/24/12

Comments (17)

  1. owen123

    Yeah but you can get 25GB free skydrive once you have been a member for a while

  2. Harkaboy

    I’m a paying member at SugarSync and I will come over to Google Drive in the second they tell us, that we can sync folders from Google Drive in several PCs just like Sugarsync or Dropbox. [:

  3. Jim

    gmail just got bumped up to 10GB too

  4. Ryan

    It’s not $5 for 20GB, it’s $2.50 for 25GB.

  5. Ryan


    You can sync folders from Google Drive to different PCs. Just install the Google Drive application for Windows and it starts syncing. Works nearly identical to the DropBox application.

  6. Citrus Rain


    The prices got bumped up already if I understand correctly.
    (Source was via Android Police on twitter)

  7. Ryan

    Well when I click “Buy Storage” I see my account is 25GB for $2.49….and they add that to your free 5GBs….so I’ve got 30GB. The next package up is 100GB for $4.99. Not sure why anyone else would see a different price.

  8. Ryan

    Ah, I see the confusion. It was $5 a YEAR for 20GB. Now it’s $2.50 a MONTH for 25GB. Damn, had I known, I would have grabbed the Yearly before they made the change. Oh well….$2.50 a month is cheap enough for me.

  9. Bob

    Not ready for me…

    Google Drive is coming.

    Want us to tell you when your Google Drive is ready? Let us know and we’ll email you at ************** once it’s ready.

  10. coolkid3245

    @above That IS SSPPAAAMM!!!!

    zzzz…. just 5GB… i got a 10GB free account yesterday… on a cloud website

  11. afuhnk

    Ryan in right.
    Pricing will change as of April 24th.
    I currently have a 5$/20Gb plan. Once it expires I will have to pick one of the new option.

  12. Anon000

    @Ryan Im assuming Google is assuming people who use Google drive are more likely to use the service more frequently and consuming more data/bandwidth, hence monthly fee. Thats what im guessing but the price is not bad at all compared to others.

  13. Matt

    I’ve had a Skydrive account for quite some time and they just dropped their free storage from 25gb to 7gb UNLESS you already had an account. I was able to upgrade it back to the 25gb since I was an existing user. They have also added a desktop app that makes it identical to Dropbox. I still have my Dropbox app on my desktop but will no longer be using it since Skydrive now has one. Skydrive also increased the maximum per file upload size from 50MB to 1gb. The only downside I see… There will probably NEVER be a Skydrive app on Android. I’ll just upload stuff from my phone to Dropbox and then transfer it to Skydrive when I get to my PC :)

  14. DaFoo

    I thought the maximum per file upload size on Skydrive was changed from 300 mb to 2 gigs.

  15. Citrus Rain

    I haven’t gotten my “your account is ready” email yet, but here’s what I know that hasn’t been mentioned here:

    Maximum file that can be uploaded is 10 gigs.
    There is apparently not a #DriveForLinux yet. – I assume that meant like the Music uploader… and it was trending on G+ yesterday. So apparently it must be important.

    The time frame that had awesomely cheaper prices (listed in comments above) was only about the first 5 minutes. (those lucky lucky people that were not at work, and got access earlier than others… so jealous!)

    All this information came from G+. I can’t verify it’s accuracy.

  16. Guest

    Finally, the long-awaited *real* GDrive that doesn’t require the workaround with GMail.

    Although you could probably get a good 15 gigs if you use the GDrive extension and the “official” Google Drive. (But knowing Google, they’ll probably roll out something that disables it now that G has its own.)

  17. cndoke

    Is it possible to “map” google drive?

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